Elabore by Savita exports is a distinguished name in offering massive array of Kani Embroidery shawls,Wool Kani jamawar shawls,Silk Modal Kani prints,Dyed kani shawls,Modal Wool Kani shawls,Cashmere Kani cutwork jamawar shawls,Kani embroidery shawls in traditional and modern designs.These luxurious shawls take years to weave because of their multifarious embroidery.The artists puts their and passion and honest effort to produce such unique designed shawls,scarves and wraps.All of our Kani shawls are made of 100% Merine wool.

The kani shawls are also known as Kani Diamond (the most expensive)Kani Gold and kani Silver. Kani Shawls is additional rearmost items which is molded for art lovers.The embroidered Kani shawls are woven with special wooden needles called Kanis,hence the name Kani shawls.Nothing exemplifies the superlative history of Kashmiri Kani shawls and scarves.Each shawl is designed in a unique way can display work of art.The Kani shawls can be worn as a warm wrap,or stole or as an elegant and colourful throw. Woollen Kani shawls are eminent because of the embroidery work on them.These Kani shawls are one in a lifetime purchase.

Kani shawl equivocate in price,conditional on the number of varied blends and colors used and the particularizing of the motifs.These shawls are striking, appealing as they are exclusively premeditated by the skilled artistcs . The kani shawl frequently unite a superior Quality colors than a jacquard jamavar. These kani shawls are different from the jacquard jamawar shawls as thses shawls are woven on specific jacquard looms.

Kani shawls are ubiquitous because of the aesthetic needlework on them,which is unique to Kashmir. The motifs on these Kani shawls are convoluted, intricate and tricky.Kani shawl has been traditionally molded from fine hand spun Pashmina and santoosh fibres, it has also extended to involve silk and other fine wools fabrics.The uniquely designed Kani shawls are impeccable auxiliary to match ones casual attire and enriches magnetism to the whole look.

Elabore By Savita Exports offer ultimate amalgamated blends in Kani shawls,scarves and wraps reflecting Indian traditional and contemporary patterns.The enthralling Kani shawls are accessible at our stockpile in Wholesale prices.Theses shawls are hewed keeping in mind the fluctuating fashion trends across the globe.

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