Elabore houses a wide gamut of Semi pashmina shawls,scarves and wraps.These luxurious shawls are perfect blend of class and style.The versatile range of our semi pashmina shawls exemplify the impeccable designing .Our each shawl is meticulously designed using age old Kashmiri art work and the world famous kani embroidery.This shawl has the kani hand prints and kashmiri aari work that enhances the grace of this shawl.The exclusive weave on these shawl make it extremely unique.These semi pashmina kani shawls are cherished for their intricate weave as inheritances by their ancestors and art collectors the worldwide.The intricate and scrupulous embroidery on this semi pashmina fabric exude perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs.

Our assemblage of Semi pashmina jamawar shawls,Semi pashmina neutral shawls,Semi pashmina tooshi shawls,Semi pashmina off white shawls,Semi pashmina jamawar red shawls unveils beautiful designs,aesthetic embroidery and traditional thread works.These antique semi pashmina jamawar shawls echoes our rich Indian heritage and culture.Our hand embroidered semi pashmina shawls are designed using pure wool.These luxurious shawls are in great plea as they are very soft to touch, yet have affirm weave and lovely drape.Nothing can match the everlasting beauty and softness of this shawl.These shawls allure the fashion freaks at very first gaze and are the perfect accumulation to appear in weddings and evening rendezvous.

Owing to the determination and inestimable efforts of our Owner Mr.Prateek Bansal ,we have been able to hold a sturdy position in the fashion industry.Under his supervision and team management we have been able to provide quality products to our patrons.Our Unmatched splendor in the arena of Pashmina Shawls,Semi pashmina shawls in kani designs, tooshi designs,jamawar designs,jacquard designs,print designs are sure to seize the consideration of fashioistas.

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