Shawl signifies the charm and aplomb of Indian women.When it comes to shawls foulards and scarves,Elabore is the apt destination.Elabore houses an exotic collection of traditional embroidered woolen shawls, scraves and wraps. These shawls are known for their antique embroidery and elegance all over the world. These shawls are fabricated using 100 percent pure wool are treasured for their softness and warmth. The softness of fabric gives the shawl splendid gaze. These embroidered woolen shawls and wraps are premeditated in such a way that they add to the charm of modern women.

Explore new world of fashion only at Elabore,We produce an exceedingly wide array of alluring woolen shawls and scarves, preferred by many women. These traditionally designed woolen embroidered shawls are perfect fashion accessory to appear in weddings and evening occurrences. These classic, timeless and beautiful wool embroidered shawls are an inevitable part of the Indian women. These shawls look absolutely stunning when draped nicely around the shoulders. Traditionally these shawls are worn over the head by the Indian women that add to the beauty of women and reflect purity of our Indian rituals. This mellifluous woolen shawls will bring you softness, coziness and warmness and protect you from chilly breeze of winter evenings.

Create your own distinct style with our wide range of exclusive woolen shawls only at Elabore.Our exquisitely hand embroidered woolen shawls are designed with a lot of detailed work by our creative artists.These kashmiri woolen shawls are the master piece that reflects our Indian heritage.Dont miss out the opportunity to witness some of the world most exclusive designed woolen embroidered shawls by Elabore.Our accessible range can create enchanting look for you.

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