Meditation shawls helps in achieving a deeper intellect of respite. The affection that they provide has been found to have a miraculous curative effect while you are meditating. Meditation shawls are also called prayer shawls by some people, depending on creed and their particular ethnicity. It is traditional to wear a shawl for meditation as meditation shawls preserve the energy which, as it accumulates, has a beneficial effect on the brainpower Many long time mediators can’t imagine meditating without a shawl around them.

Having a adored meditation shawl naturally resonate with the holiness and enhance its energetic value. Traditionally, meditation shawls are kept in a sacred space while not in use and cleaned occasionally. These shawls are ideal for meditation, to lie upon, to cover up in, or to wrap around to keep warm.

Meditation shawls are made from fabrics that make them unique in design and exquisite to wear. These fabrics reflect stillness and bustle, yet also articulate full gratification of life. Fabrics like silks, pashmina, wool, cashmere, crochet, chiffon, knit, cotton, satin, velvet and jacquard impart special meaning for those seeking a meditation shawl.

Meditation practitioners hold that the shawls capture accumulate vigor and that using them also provides extra tenderness which averts a disruption during the meditation. Buddhist tradition uses the shawls in healing rituals, along with using them to cover and protect sacred scriptures and statues.

Also known as peace shawls, in the Christian tradition, those making the shawls pray over them, asking for blessings on the recipients. Shawl ministry participants then give the garments to those in need of healing, peace or hope with the idea that the prayers embedded in making the shawl will comfort the person receiving the garment. Prayer shawl ministries are especially involved in providing shawls to hospitals and shelters. Yoga shawls come in different varieties and colors. So, these Yoga shawls are very special for all yoga moods.

From the mountain cultures and weavers of Kullu, Kangra, and Nagaland in the Himachal region, these shawls will have special meaning for those seeking a Meditation Shawl or simply the warmth of an exceptional All Occasion, daily wear Wool Shawl. .

Today, some shawls have been produced and allege to give out a peaceful, calming, and nurturing energy when worn on the body. This is an excellent tool for meditating or promoting a restful night sleep. It has been reported to be effective in clearing and opening chakras, for pain relief and added energy and clarity, and an overall feeling of well being.

Silk Meditation Shawls are made of 100% raw silk and usually trimmed in gold fringe and often have emblems on both sides. Many of these are still made by hand and are of the highest quality. They come in a variety of colors and vary in sizes.

Meditation shawls give you the benefit of their vigor, the soft feel and affection and there will surely be a shawl to suit your needs and help give you comfort during meditation.

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Elabore by Savita Exports (Amritsar) is one of recognized wholesalers, exporters and purveyors of the latest fashion accessories of Shawls, Stoles and Scarves. Elabore is a dream house of apparel accessories for women and men as well. Elabore provides high end fashion publicity that shall seduce your eyes through design and your skin through finest quality. Elabore is decipherable foundation in vibrant colors and bold patterns in sophisticated, unique and elegant Shawls, Stoles, Wraps and Scarves.

Shawls and scarves were time-honored since 1974 by the ancestors. After having experience and hard work of 28 years, in 2002 the shawls and scarves initiated into the Savita Exports, made the business grow and mount with inventive and discerning thinking globally.

In 2010, with moving time PRATEEK BANSAL concluded his degree in fashion designing and originated a luxury brand, Elabore by showing his dedicated interest and widened this lavish fashion accessory involving the new contemporary techniques. A large selection of shawls and scarves labels the core of Prateeks creations.

Elabore by Svaita Exports in India has all wardrobe essentials in Pashmina, Cashmere, Angora, Viscose, Silk Pashmina and wool are affluent and sumptuous materials offers the elegancy and sensational outlooks to enhance ones wardrobe. From contemporary patterns to modern labels, have all types of shawls, scarves and wraps that one is looking for. The collections of wraps and shawls start vamping up the fall wardrobe. From accessories to apparel, wraps are more refined this time around having silhouetted designs which are sophisticated, feminine, and sexy.

Elabore, one of the renowned brand offers the elegant, exclusive and chic work specialized in shawls, foulards and scarves having pure lust of beauty in effervescent designs and patterns.

Elabore, a dream house and fashion store of shawls, stoles and scarves accessories exhibiting the stylish and chic variety in the Park Plaza of Chandigarh (India).

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SHAWLS are splendidly creative lexis of the Textile Arts which may reflect the visuals of beauty inspired by Nature or contemporary ideals. The term ‘shawl’ comes from the Persian shal, referring to a woven woolen fabric made from pashm (goat’s wool). Shawls are used for draping around for the purpose of keeping warm in cold weather .Shawls and scarfs are. loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. It is generally a rectangular or square piece of cloth, that is seldom folded to make a triangle but can also be triangular in shape. Other shapes include four-sided figure shawls. A scarf for woman can have ambiguous embroidery, mix and match of colors styles etc. The shawls fabricated these days are a combination of stylishness and effectiveness.

With hundred of attractive shawls, foulards, scarves and much more. Both men and women can wear scarves. Based on the fashion customary in the market and the buyers’ taste and preference. Scarves are available in a number of designs and patterns. For women, scarves are usually manufactured in plain knit, mesh and ribbed. For men, scarves are manufactured in two forms – check and single color. Shawls and scarves go with everything; right from the formal office attire to the evening party gown to the casual jeans and t-shirt.

Scarves and shawls are well known to provide the warmth and protection to modern man and woman needs to feel good and confident. The great leaning towards the prevailing styles and ongoing fashion sense will creates a new look. The charm of Indian shawls has touched not just the celebrities and glamour world, but has penetrate profound into the boulevard fashion. Current trends indicate that the head scarf is all set to be the hottest fashion accessory. A studiedly casual approach is to tie the scarf in a knot and let the ends fall over your shoulders. There is no denying the fact that today range of head scarves highlight a woman features and can give her the desired looks: cutely modish, majestically snooty, secretively attractive or coquettishly feminine.

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Viscose shawls and scarves embraces the pleasure of being the most preferred and esteemed shawls in India. Viscose is a viscous organic liquid used to make rayon and cellophane. Viscose shawls and wraps are synonymous with rayon, a soft man-made fiber commonly used in linings, shawls, wraps, scarves and other outer wear. Viscose shawls mirrors the extraordinary elegance and affluence. Viscose shawls and scarves reflect an entire amalgamate the tradition and modern era. In India, one of the renowned wholesale exporters and manufacturers, Elabore by Savita Exports deals in viscose shawls and scarves and viscose pashmina shawls in unique and chic patterns.

Knitwear fashion has discovered the viscose trendier. Viscose shawls possess a soft and graceful flow. Viscose has high moisture absorption. For sumptuousness and sophistication, a viscose shawl is unique and preferable for both daytime and evening events in inestimable designs. Viscose shawls and scarves encompass genuine, unique, and stylish demand and rank in the world. Viscose shawls and wraps are the fabulous appealing that enhances ones wardrobe. These shawls reflect flawless assortment of tradition and modernity trends.

Elabore by Savita Exports have an ample variety of shawls in the finest fabrics and eventual patterns Elabore is specialized in Viscose shawls, Viscose Pashmina shawls and Jacquard shawls. Viscose designer shawls inclusive the collection of any ardent fashion lover. These can be worn on shoulders lynching down, or can be just spread all over or round around the neck for proficient appearance. Viscose scarves and shawls are the synonym of exquisiteness. The popular viscose shawls and wraps are categorized in different assortment: viscose pashmina, viscose jacquard, viscose strips, viscose rainbow and viscose self-design and providing the extravagance, warmth and fashion chic.

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Woolen shawls and scarves are one of the most amazing accessories in this modern era! The items of clothing from the animals such as cashmere from goats, angora from rabbits and mohair from camels is called wool. Woolen shawls and wraps are varied in different designs and patterns. Woolen shawls have the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture vapor without feeling wet and clammy. This helps the body to breathe away toxins and keeps the body in the comfort zone. It is truly amazing and unique to prefer woolen shawls ad scarves. Try yourself to one of the recognized wholesale exporters, Elabore by Savita Exports, Amritsar (Punjab) deals paisley, jamavar, jacquard, handloom, powerloom, sulzer loom, ambi and mango designs and patterns. Savita Exports is specialized in printed woolen shawls, screen printed, digital printed, hand painting and tassels work.

The growth of woolen apparels in the past few decades around the world has had a major collision on the global viewpoint of regulars. The demanding of these shawls ad wraps are cost-effective affordable in the terms of both quality, and pricing. Woolen shawls and scarves are very dynamic with unprecedented trends springing up every now and then. This type of shawls provides the sumptuous feel with alluring and exquisite designs ad patterns.

Woolen shawls have a soft fabric that provided a luxurious feel that was highly preferred by the elite and royalties. It drapes gently, giving the graceful touch and sophisticated silhouette, and comforting warmth. Among the most beautiful designs the paisley printed woolen shawls are in demand. Elabore provides an immense variety of woolen shawls in much more affordable prices. The woolen shawls and scarves are the most elegant shawl that is produced in India. The paisley wool wraps are basically warmer in structure and its designs are classical. The paisley wool shawl is a shawl that can be worn that makes the outlook authentic. These shawls are great for the events.

Wool shawls are premeditated to give a modern woman the silhouette of grace and originality. Designs of wool wraps and shawls are derived from traditions of different regions. The woolen shawls act as fashion accessories are now available in many designs from animal prints, cuts, shapes, and printed shawls. Currently, in the colder parts and also in India, shawls are still a time-honored part of the male and female wraps to enhance an outlook of wardrobe and are very popular in some north eastern states of India and others like Punjab, Gujarat, and West Bengal. The simplicity of the design and pattern of woolen shawls are able to reflect a unique sense of pleasure, tranquility, warmth and kindness. Woolen shawls ad scarves are outstandingly elegant, and also an expression of exquisiteness and style.

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Shawls and scarves are undeniably valuable accessories. Shawls and scarves augment a smart, sophisticated look. A shawl or a scarf is piece of fabric normally draped over the upper body, the shoulders or the head. It can be finished from different types of fabric such as cotton, silk, lace or the softest wool, cashmere and pashmina. These also vary in shape, including square, rectangular and triangular. The shawls and scarves are the accessories, ideal for the fall and winter months. In todays era, more and more fashionable women are wearing shawls as a fashion accessory.

Many shawls and wraps are hand-woven and made of very fine and very soft fiber and have a chic vintage. Nothing beats the softness and luxury of pashmina and cashmere so this will complete the entire stunning look. In India one of the reputed wholesale exporters, Elabore by Savita Exports, Amritsar (Punjab) offers you an elegant and unique patterns of shawls, scarves, foulards and wraps in various fabrics like Silk, Cashmere, Pashmina, Viscose etc. You can enjoy these luxurious and sophisticated wraps according to your age and occasions as well. The shawls fabricated these days are a combination of elegance and utility. With hundreds of beautiful shawls, foulards, scarves and much more…

Men can also be benefit from the same kind of elegance and sophistication these fashionable pieces of garment have through for career women. Scarves and shawls are well known to provide the warmth and protection to modern man and woman needs to feel good and confident. The great leaning towards the prevailing styles and ongoing fashion sense will creates a new look. This sensual style always attracts attention. The designer shawls and scarves can embellish to catch many glimpses.

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This contemporary time, adds something new and stylish, alike Pashmina Shawls. The class and beauty of Pashmina shawls are loved all across the world. Pashmina shawls are actually one of the warmest shawls. The word Pashmina is derived from Pashm, name of the breed of sheep. Pashm wool is the particular type of wool which is obtained from the special breed of goat indigenous to High Himalayan altitudes. Pashmina shawls appear in various shapes and sizes. Pashmina shawl is the most outstanding fashion accessory in this current time. Pashmina shawls are very popular among the people.A trendy pashmina scarf, wrap or shawl is the wonderful ultimate touch to almost any outfit. For eventual luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in 100% pure pashmina wraps.

Try yourself to one of the renowned wholesale exporter in India, Elabore by Savita Exports, Amritsar (Punjab). Elabore deals with Pashmina and Cashmere shawls and scarves with vivid assortment of patterns and colors. For a dramatic accent, simply prefer an elegant pashmina blend.

The accomplishment on Pashmina Shawls makes the shawls look aesthetic with Kashmir embroideries. These shawls are appealing warm and very light to carry. Pashmina shawl adds an elegance and vagueness to the quality. Pashmina shawls are elegant, stylish and have classic touch.

Pashmina shawl gives a grand touch of style and magic spell to every person who has covered it all around. Pashmina shawls and scarves provide a stylish, elegant and timeless feel to the clothing.

Pashmina shawls have no end to the available depth and colors by Elabore. Shawls are just made extremely large so it can be wrapped around the body several times or also choose as a fashion accessory. Mostly obtainable pashmina is actually a mixture of silk and pure pashmina wool. It is too light to maintain. Pashmina shawls and scarves also add color to the simple dress and will give a distinctive personality. Pashminas are a fortune or treasure. A pashmina shawl and scarf is so flimsy, soft and beautiful to go by on to present generations. Pashmina is an extremely soft and delicate fabric that often loses its colors and superiority quality. The beauty of pashmina shawls is their versatility for diverse attires and wardrobes.

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Scarves and shawls are obtained in many different fabrics, but silk remains among the warmest of natural fibers. Silk also possesses lightweight and fine quality and it does not cluster up creating raw lumps. When you consider silk shawls and scarves, look at those that are hand decorated. These are truly the most attractive and elegant. They possess the most idiosyncratic designs. The sprouting silk creation is soft, its colors vibrant. In India one of the reputed wholesale exporters, Elabore by Savita Exports, Amritsar (Punjab) offers you an elegant and unique patterns of silk shawls, scarves, foulards and wraps in different patterns and designs. Silk scarves and wraps are in addition very beautiful, elegant and graceful.

Handmade silk is the most gleaming and luxurious of all natural textiles. If you want to make that special someone feel buy incredible silk, like a gorgeous hand-woven silk shawl, wrap or scarf. Silk shawls and scarves are fine-looking and luxurious. They can fetch any dull attire back to life. A vibrant silk shawl or scarf can transform a wardrobe into something stylish and extraordinary. Silk shawls and scarves are very creative to virtually any outfit. Silk shawls and scarves are meticulously woven by hand shared their traditional handicraft with you. Silk is breathable as it is warm and cool and comfortable as well.

Shawls have been component of a woman’s attire. Silk wraps and shawl offers female elegance as a fashion accessory, while supplying cozy warmth against the chill. The rich, plush fabric of silk will results with its shimmering finish of excellence and luxury. They are individualistic in design and colors. These dazzling accessories are the best the world of silk scarves and shawls design to offer. Silk appears to be the quintessence of elegant sophistication.

Silk scarves are never neglected since the person realizes the overall versatility of the accessory. The look of silk is a distinct splash of vibrant color. It is one of the luxurious fabric accessories a silk scarf deserves more than a single outing. Silk, in spite of its fine, flimsy and light appearance, is incredibly strong. Silk scarves and shawls are awfully versatile. This marvelous fabric with its striking elegance provides the dazzling appearance!

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When one utters Pashmina or a Cashmere shawls, it refers to the shawls spun out of the superior fibers from the surplus undercoats of Tibetan or Changthangi goats. The ultimate source of cashmere and pashmina is goat’s hair. The products result from the same raw material. The two main determinants of the quality in pashmina and cashmere are mostly available in natural and native colors. When these fine fibers are spun into thread, it gives the unexpected warmth and softness. Cashmere Shawl and Pashmina Shawl is admired all over the world because of its soft comfort and cozy warmth. Try yourself to one of the wholesale exporters, Elabore by Savita Exports, offering you a wide range of variety in Cashmere and Pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves,Cashmere and Pashmina on power looms, handlooms and suzler looms. We are also involved in the exporting of Handloom Pashmina Shawls, Handloom Cashmere Shawls, Kani Pashmina and Kani Cashmere shawls. Pashmina and Cashmere wraps provides the body enough warmth as well as comfort. Each one who wears it will always replicate a sense of elegance and beauty wherever he or she might be.

There is a genuine approval for the pure Cashmere shawl and Pashmina shawl for its super soft feel, warmth and rich hand embroideries with their life styles. You may have designer clothes in your closet but owning a section of cashmere shawl or pashmina shawl will give you the more sensational look.

Cashmere shawls and pashmina shawls are very eminent for their warmth,softness and elegance. It is the wonderful accessory for any season or event enjoy by people. The Pashmina and Cashmere wraps are both incredibly luxurious and extremely warm. Elabore provides you the fine and elegant Cashmere and Pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves in the most popular designs like printed, floral, paisley and embroideries. Cashmere and pashmina are to be found in a large collection of accessories from scarves to shawls, and are especially hand-made or in different designs and patterns.

In today’s fashion world, Cashmere and Pashmina shawls and wraps have become very popular and ethnic and have a set the place in fashion lover’s wardrobes. Cashmere pashmina shawls are been worn in a number of ways to give a different look every time. These shawls are worn and festooned by women in a number of ways. One can find various types of pashmina and cashmere shawls including pure cashmere and pashmina, cashmere and pashmina with silk, beaded and animal printed pashmina and cashmere shawls.

Pashmina and Cashmere shawls have a wide range of styles, colors and patterns to look elegant across the world. ELABORE by Savita Exports manufacture a wide range of cashmere pashmina shawls available in many prints and natural colors and supply them at wholesale prices. We are also weaving Cashmere and Pashmina on power looms, handlooms and suzler looms. We are also involved in the exporting of Handloom Pashmina Shawls, Handloom Cashmere Shawls, Kani Pashmina and Kani Cashmere shawls. We are using best quality of cashmere yarn. Our cashmere shawls are woven out of pashmina, viscose, jamavar, jacquard, wool and acrylic. We are also offering cashmere fabrics of 100% silk Cashmere and 100% pure Pashmina. We design, fabricate and export an exquisite range of Cashmere Shawls embellished with ethnic Kashmir work and other elegant designs.

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Silk and modal are an ideal combination that constitutes silk materials like silk scarves,modal linen fabric, silk taffeta, modal cotton fabric, silk batik fabrics with innovative designs and eye-catching colors. Silk modal shawls and scarves can be draped in any form and do not shrink when it gets wet. Silk Modal exists under two categories, Screen Printing and Digital Printing. One of the alleged wholesale exporters in India, Elabore by Savita Exports of Amritsar (Punjab) deals with a extensive range of exclusive array in Silk Modal fabrics like Silk shawls and wraps and Silk scarves in animal prints, modern prints, floral prints and paisley prints as well especially Kani prints which is done by Screen Printing. Digital printing is often used for an assortment of designs and patterns. People love to wear the elegant shawls and scarves of printed silk modal.The Silk Modal printed shawls are supreme and gleaming shininess.

Silk modal printed shawls are accessible in extraordinary designs and patterns. These shawls and scarves are of entirely patterned and have a high range of stability. Silk modal printed shawls are graceful and elegant, rewarded for its flexibility, and comfort.

Today, screen printing is much more flexible than the conventional printing techniques.Screen printing, also known as Silk screening or serigraphy, is a printing method that usually creates immense variety of designs and patterns like Kani prints. Digital printing is a modern printing technique different from traditional printing method that produces prints directly from a computer file rather than a slide or a photograph. Digital printing is used for printing a colossal range of designer silk shawls and wraps at affordable prices.

Silk modal printed shawls are one of the best luxury attire existing today. A touch of silk in printed silk modal shawls can change the glamour of the whole outfit. The silk modal printed shawls are silky in touch and fetching the unique look.

In India, Elabore by Savita Exports, one of the prevailing wholesale exporters offers the remarkable and authentic designs of Silk Modal stoles, scarves, and shawls in animal prints, modern prints, floral prints, paisley prints and kani prints as well with innovative
and amazing decorative patterns.

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