Elabore by Savita Exports one of the well-renowned wholesale suppliers in Punjab(Amritsar) offering exuberant variety in Pure Cashmere Shawls and Scarves.When one say Pashmina or Cashmere shawls,we are referring to the wraps spun out of the fine yarns made with fibers sourced from the discarded undercoats of Tibetan or Changthangi goats.They are also commonly known as ‘changra’ goats,which are found in the high altitude mountain ranges of these regions.For virtuous excellence,the Elabore deals between 13 – 20 microns of Cashmere Shawls having extraordinary temperateness and softness.

The skill of weaving a Cashmere shawl and wrap is still preserved in its original form when it is hand spun and hand woven.Though now-a-days, it is also woven on power looms also. Some of them are hand-made and some of them are machine-made. Though Pashmina Shawls are expensive but very soft and supple in feel which is admired by everyone all over the world.

Savita Exports offers a huge range in affordability,distinctiveness of design, and quality of the product of Cashmere shawls,stoles and wraps in boisterous patterns and designs like Jamawar, Checks and stripes, Kani cut-work etc reflecting warmth and comfort. The Cashmere or Pashmina Shawls are characterized by its luxuriously soft fibers.Cashmere has long been considered one of the most timeless and quintessential of mode staples.

Pure assemblage is specialist cashmere that offers the finest selection of high quality cashmere products, from classic and timeless shawls and wraps as a fashion accessory item that continues to grow in popularity.The Cashmere Shawl Wrap is one of the fashion accessories that bounce a distinctive style and fresh look to any wardrobe at a reasonably priced.

The Cashmere shawls and scarves are flimsy with its heavenly softness is carefully crafted as a rare treasure.The pashmina and cashmere shawls opportunity the attire into stunning works of art. The pashmina shawls are popular among the people prefers in casual and formals as well.For formal or informal social events a luxurious pashmina shawl can look stunning, elegant and add that little something extra. Pashminas add the sensational outlook to dress up or an outfit.The superb softness of the pashmina shawls combines with the opulent sensational outlook.

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