Pure Pashmina Shawls are rare to find as these are valuable possessions. Pure Pashmina shawl is among the world’s most demanded and fastest selling textile across the world. It is made from the premium cashmere wool in the world. The Himalayan Mountain Goat is the source of producing this fine quality of wool, which are native to the mountains of Central Asia. Pashmina has been esteemed for centuries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Now it is becoming popular in the western countries also due to its quality. Savita Exports presents pashmina shawls which are astonishingly soft, warm and light. Our customer base has elaborated all around the world as this product whenever worn by anyone fetches numerous kudos. Moreover, this is an Eco-friendly product as no animals are harmed in the process of manufacturing of pashmina fabric.
We at Savita Exports produce a faultless collection of pashmina shawls designed to the highest standards of beauty and workmanship. The texture of ours pashmina shawls is very supple and the colors are natural. Nowadays even brighter colors are also available as per your choice. These are dyed by use of vegetable dyes. These shawls are perfect to gel with any sort of occasion either casual or formal as well as with any type of attire whether traditional or modern. We also welcome any sort of customization from the side of our customers. Our shawls are of superior, soft, lustrous and rare quality. These days, Pashmina shawls are appreciated by all for their frivolous and impressive colors and designs that complement all types of dresses and hence become apt for wearers of all age groups. The pashmina shawls at ELABORE become a symbol of pride whenever you wearer yourself or gift it to anybody. Pashmina shawls have originated in India and the best experienced craftsmen make these shawls at ELABORE in Amritsar. The uncompromising quality of ELABORE pashmina shawls is the main feature why these shawls have become world famous.

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